Cardboard Box

Music by: Nick Stephens
Lyrics by: Nick Stephens and Mark Whittaker

My parents gave me the biggest birthday
All of my friends have come to join in and play
Castles and jumpers and clowns on the list
Everything was perfect, nothing was missed

My parents got me the best birthday gift
The box was so big, it took 4 dads to lift
Everyone was waiting to see what they bought
I bet it was thoughtful and sure cost a lot

but, I wanna play inside the cardboard box

I know I should want to play with the thing
But I can do so much with the box it came in
I can fly to the moon or float with the fish
I can race on the track or do whatever I wish

My parents may want to give me the world
But all I need is a box of cardboard

I wanna play inside the cardboard box